Right now, we are seeing a lot of organizations in New York
Frustrated with uncomfortable temperatures in different premises caused by wrong air distribution;
Struggling with poor air quality or concerned about possible virus spreading because of absence air purifiers;
Or, finally, just worried about too high energy expenses in consequence of inefficient equipment operation;

Do Any of those issues ring true to you?

Our experts here to help you resolve those and any other issues

We offer a full Inspection of the equipment, ductwork, air distribution, and controls.

Qualified mechanic will measure all airflows and static pressure drops, complete with video inspection of the existing ductwork, VOV boxes, and Plenums.

Our engineer will perform load calculations of all premises, check measured values against corresponding standards, provide an analysis along with strong recommendations for outstanding performance of your system.

Performing this inspection will help you understand your HVAC system condition and evaluate the quality of service of your current HVAC contractor.

A full report will be provided, including a video inspection, and a list of all the issues discovered and the solutions we recommend.

Call us now to get a 50% discount on your HVAC system full inspection