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Any type of building is made of materials having certain physical and chemical properties. Materials form an ecological atmosphere in the premises, which affects people’s health. Proper arrangement of ventilation of an object is a very important necessity. Air Comfort Experts HVAC Company developing a concept of Indoor Air Quality.
In the United States, people spend most of their lives indoors residential homes, offices, shopping centers, restaurants and etc.
The air that is inhaled by a human been does not always meet environmental standards. One of the most toxic compounds is carbon monoxide (CO). It is a colorless gas that is formed by incomplete combustion of materials, sources could be tobacco smoke, car exhaust gases, heaters that operate on coal or wood. Also, other sources of increased danger could be furniture, office equipment, paint, varnish and etc.
Especially most threats to human health are formaldehyde, which allocates furniture and building materials. Also, asbestos is very harmful to human’s health its microscopic fibers are able to cause cancer.
People in the process of respiration releases carbon dioxide (CO2), it is harmful and is always present in small concentrations. If its concentration is exceeded in the room atmosphere, it could provoke apathy, fatigue, drowsiness. To keep your health safe a concentration level of CO2 in the fresh air shouldn’t be more than 400 ppm, the maximum concentration level is considered to be 1000 ppm.
When testing the room atmosphere, specialists of ACE HVAC Corp primarily paying attention to the CO2 concentration. This is an important parameter indicating how well ventilation works on the premises. Hazard substances in the premises atmosphere may not manifest themselves by the presence of any odor. Their existence can be established only by professionals, using special equipment.
Air Comfort Experts HVAC Corp has been in business for many years and serving five major boroughs of New York area. Our company provides design and installation of equipment at a high professional level. For our existing and the new customers, ACE will conduct test studies and design a heating and ventilation system at the high professional level.
Our specialists who have extensive practical experience in the arrangement of indoor ventilation will develop and offer several projects from which you can choose the best one. During the working process, we are using the most modern equipment and the latest technologies. Entrust all the process of the atmosphere arrangement for your residential home or commercial building to ACE HVAC Corp.

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