4 air conditioning noises that should call your HVAC specialist

When the temperature begins to rise, the air conditioning in your home in Springhill, Florida, becomes even more important. To reduce the risk of a major overhaul or possible failure, it is very important to be vigilant about the ac noise your system makes to determine if it is time to contact an HVAC specialist. If you notice that your system is making any unusual noises listed below, maybe it’s time to turn to the professionals.

Screeching air conditioner noise

A screech coming from your system is probably a sign that one of your belts is worn out and needs to be lubricated or replaced. It is very important to solve this problem before the belt breaks. Otherwise, you risk damage to other components.


Hissing is a sound you should never ignore. Noise is most likely the result of a refrigerant leak in your system. Refrigerant leakage is prohibited by the EPA, and if your system loses too much refrigerant, it will stop working properly. You will need a specialist who will replace your refrigerant line and charge your system if this happens.

The rattling noises of the air conditioner

The rumble in your system usually means that something is hanging out in the system and something is moving, or that your engine mounts are not working. The longer you wait to fix this, the more damage loose components can cause to your system components.


A buzz is usually a sign of problems with the wiring or connection of the air conditioner. Even if they just weakened, you will want to solve this problem as soon as possible. If the buzz is accompanied by a burning smell, this can be a sign of a serious electricity problem, and you must turn off the system before repairing it to prevent a dangerous situation.

If you hear any of the above sounds, do not wait until a small problem becomes serious. Contact us at (917) 722-0700 today. One of our Air Comfort Experts HVAC Corp. experts diagnoses your problem and helps your system run efficiently again.