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Nowadays, water heating is one of the most popular heating systems in residential houses. This system ensures the heat transfer from a hot coolant to radiators. The water heating system of a residential house includes such elements as a boiler, pipes and pipelines, thermal curtains. As a heat generator, heating boilers of various designs are used. In particular, solid or liquid fuel, electric or gas boilers of a country house water heating system are used. Depending on the wishes of the customer and the conditions of a particular object, we can offer the best option.

Conditions for an efficient water heating system in a residential house.
The principle of this type of heating is the circulation of heat through pumps that can be built into the boiler or have a separate installation on the pipes. The pump should be selected during the design process depending on the heat output. It is also recommended to choose the optimum equipment during the project work of the future heating system. There’re one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems. The main advantage of mono-tube heating is the low cost of installation. But you should remember about the disadvantages of this heating method. In particular, it does not allow to regulate one radiator separately, that is why it is impossible to regulate the heat flow in different rooms. In addition, it is problematic to choose the radiators themselves, which, moreover, should match the design of the apartment and ensure uniform distribution of heat. The two-pipe system is more convenient, which allows you to distribute heat to the rooms more efficiently and evenly. In this case, it is possible to independently control the temperature and select the most comfortable heating mode.

Types of water heating.
There are several different types of water heating, and each has its own features and advantages. Please consult our specialists to choose the best option for you. Our qualified specialists have a big experience and professional knowledge to solve problems of any complexity.
So, there is water heating of natural circulation, the basic principle of which is quite simple. The heated water from the heating boiler rises up due to the difference in the specific gravity of hot and cold water. Because heavier cold water displaces hot water, as a result, natural circulation is processing.
Forced circulation requires installation of a special pump into the water heating system. In some cases, such a pump is provided initially in the construction of boilers. The disadvantage of this type of heating is dependent on electricity when it is turned off, the circulation of water stops. There is also water heating with a combined circulation. It can be installed either on a base with natural circulation or it can be mounted initially.
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