Gas heater

Gas furnaces

Air Comfort Experts HVAC Corp. provide to our existing and new customer installation, repair and service of a gas heating systems in all five boroughs of New York area (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island).

There are several reasons for the growing popularity of this equipment:
– It’s environmentally friendly, fuel is burned without residue;
– It has high efficiency and capacity;
– It’s able to heat a large area of the room;
– The price is lower than the cost of electricity.
During operation, there is no need to use additional heat pumps. That is why a gas heating system most demanding and popular system in New York, among the owners of residential houses, and commercial buildings.

Heater device
The heater operates on a simple principle. Cold air enters the heat exchanger, heats up and returns to the room. Equipment could be more or less powerful, with or without a fan.
Our Experts can mount equipment of any capacity. The main advantage of this equipment is the lack of water heat transfer. There is no need to install pipes and batteries to circulate hot water.
This equipment can be used in the commercial and residential premises.
Thermal systems can be an important link to create a comfortable microclimate.
Our company will create optimal conditions for living and working in your premises, depending on the architectural features of the building.

We do residential and commercial projects and we work with General Contractors, Landlords, Developers, and Homeowners.
Our qualified employees have extensive experience in the creation of a variety of thermal systems in residential homes and commercial buildings. We are always ready to design and create a unique system. If you have any questions, send us your request and we are always ready to provide you with a free consultation.